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Members of Connel flying club have made many far ranging flights over the years. Two members won the "Dawn to Dusk" trophy in two consecutive years with flights around the airfields of Orkney and Shetland to commemorate the first postal flights there, and the following year on the trail of prince Charlie up the west coast, across the Minch and around the Hebrides.

A flight was made from Connel to Shetland and over to Norway, Completing the journey by visiting Denmark, France, England , Ireland and home. These flights used a Gemini Flash2 flexwing.

Read about Dave's trips abroadOther flights in a Shadow have been made from Connel through England to France, Belguim, Italy and Spain. To hear more about our club chairman's Continental adventures, click on the photograph.



Find out moreOne member joined a group to ship out to Australia to fly around the coast thus, making our achievements global. To hear more about this trip, click on the photograph.


Click to read the full story!Hamish Smith is one of the original microlight pilots in the West of Scotland and flies a Pegasus XLR. This story takes place in the West Coast and visits many of the islands off the Coast. The flight was to raise funds for Hamish's daughter to take part in a "Raleigh International" Expedition which she subsequently completed. Visit Hamish's story and let Hamish and his daughter tell you all about it!!

Other members have completed flights the length and breadth of Britain and across to Ireland in both fixed wing and flexwing microlights.

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